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With high tech valve

With auto zip-lock

  • SEKIO FLAT PACKAGING  is a professional packaging for all your clients.
  • It allows a better preservation of the coffee, preventing the oxidation.
  • This bag is provided with a high tech degassification valve that allows CO2 to come out of the coffee bag and avoids the oxygen to go in
    • The aroma is protected inside the bag with one-way valves.
    • It avoids prompt oxidation because one-way valves do not allow oxygen to enter the bag.
    • It maintains aroma and flavour for one year.
    • Coffee cannot be vacuum packed after roasting because packages swell due to pressure and the pack may break. The use of a coffee degassing valve allows packaging to be carried out after roasting, saving pre-packaging storage time and money in the medium term.
    • Once the bag is opened, zip auto-lock also helps oxygen and light not come into contact with coffee, as these factors quickly deteriorate the properties of coffee.


      Capacity: 250 grs.

      Unidirectional valve: Yes

      Zip autolock: Yes

      Length: 130 mm.

      Height: 200 mm.

      Width: 70 mm.