• Sekio Ingeniería del Café


From one type of coffee bean we can easily prepare at least five types of coffee. It is important to know that freshly ground coffee is the one that will have more aroma when brewed, coffee after being ground begins to oxidize and its quality decreases, the more oxidation the more bitter it will be. So to obtain a good coffee you have to grind it just before preparing it.

How is this possible? Because everything is focused on grinding and brewing.

First: the degree of grinding, (fine, medium, coarse). The degree it has will determine the strength the coffee will have: soft, light, with more body, more or less intense.

Second: the infusion, the more we let it rest the stronger the coffee will be.

Each type of coffee and coffee maker has its ideal degree of grinding, only by trying various combinations of grinding and amounts of water we will we be able to create the desired coffee.

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